NEW FROM 01/05/2020 TILL 08/11/2020

/ Temporary exhibition

Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin


An impressive exhibition about the terracotta army of the first emperor of China – one of the world’s most important archaeological discoveries! The exhibition at Site Oud Sint-Jan shows 70 full size replica figures, including various ranks of warriors, impressive chariots and horses. In addition, the exhibition also shows traditional Chinese art, old clothing, centuries-old coins, a documentary and photographic report.

/ Permanent exhibition

Xpo Picasso


Xpo Center Bruges is presenting over 300 graphic works that Picasso created between 1930 and 1970. Each engraving or lithograph is an original work, created by the artist personally. Along with Münster, Bruges holds the largest collection of engravings and lithographs in Northern Europe. Moreover Xpo Center Bruges is presenting exceptional ceramics.

/ Temporary exhibition

Xpo Andy Warhol


100 original works of art of the American artist Andy Warhol complete the permanent exhibition of Picasso. This exhibition describes several themes peculiar to Warhol: The Campbell’s Soup cans, the first consumer goods, publicity, the origin of Pop-Art, Marilyn Monroe, the Superstars and the terrible fear of death.

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