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/ Until 6 November 2016

Wildlife Photographer of the year


Until 6 November, Xpo Center Bruges is hosting an exhibition of the most beautiful images in the world of nature. Every year, the renowned Natural History Museum organises a worldwide competition for professional and amateur photographers. An all-seeing eye, infinite patience, a passion for photography combined with an in-depth knowledge of nature and a lot of respect for its wonders. This is what it takes to create these images, of a preternatural beauty, which are combined in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year international travelling exhibition.
The photos in the exhibition are very well-documented, making them an excellent source of information about nature and photography. As a result, this exhibition is also very interesting for schools, photographers, nature associations and others.

/ Permanent exhibitions

Xpo Picasso


Xpo Center Bruges is presenting over 300 graphic works that Picasso created between 1930 and 1970. Each engraving or lithograph is an original work, created by the artist personally. Along with Münster, Bruges holds the largest collection of engravings and lithographs in Northern Europe. Moreover Xpo Center Bruges is presenting exceptional ceramics.

Xpo Miró


The exhibition of Picasso’s works can be extended to include an exhibition of works by his contemporary, Joan Miró. The two exhibitions combined immerse the visitor in the zeitgeist of Cubism and Surrealism at the time of their greatest momentum.

Like Picasso, Miró is Spanish; however, the two artists met for the first time in Paris.

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