World premiere in Bruges

Leonardo Da Vinci, the inventions of a genius


From the first of june, there will be a temorary exposition in Xpo Center Bruges (Old St. John Site). It will be a unique exposition about the inventions of the most famous genius in the world, Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

The biggest exposition ever of da Vinci.

Da Vinci was a real genius. He wasn’t only a painter, but also a prophet and an inventer with phenomenal perceptions. Imagine something and he probably invented it.

This is a travelling exposition that starts in Bruges and then travels around Europ. The exposition will show 100 models of the inventions and machines of Da Vinci. You will also find more than 100 documents and writings of da Vinci and some of his contemporaries like Michelangelo. All this makes it the biggest expo ever about the inventions of da Vinci!

Each hall has his own theme: aeronautics (helicopter), military (tank), mechanics (crossbow on wheels), measuring instruments (camera obsucra), hydraulics (floating system), architecture (turning points), sketches, scripts and replicas (The Mona Lisa)

Interactive exposition

There will be some inventions made in full size and interactively. The visitors can use the mechanisms and inventions.

The bridge of da Vinci is built in the garden of the historical buildings of Old st. John. The visitors can try to reconstruct this famous bridge with 16 little sticks.

Leonardo da Vinci invent this bridge around 1480 for the army. It would be the Mona Lisa of the bridges. The bridge had to be easy to transport, stable and strong. And it also had to be able to build quickly. The most special feature about the bridge is that no materials, such as rope, nails and glue are required for the construction.

The screens with 3D movies will explain and analyse different inventions and mechanisms.

Now in Xpo Center Bruges

/ Permanent exhibitions

Xpo Picasso


Xpo Center Bruges is presenting over 300 graphic works that Picasso created between 1930 and 1970. Each engraving or lithograph is an original work, created by the artist personally. Along with Münster, Bruges holds the largest collection of engravings and lithographs in Northern Europe. Moreover Xpo Center Bruges is presenting exceptional ceramics.

Xpo Miró


The exhibition of Picasso’s works can be extended to include an exhibition of works by his contemporary, Joan Miró. The two exhibitions combined immerse the visitor in the zeitgeist of Cubism and Surrealism at the time of their greatest momentum.

Like Picasso, Miró is Spanish; however, the two artists met for the first time in Paris.

/ Temporary exhibition

Painter Antonio Nunziante given pride of place in Bruges


In 2017 and 2018, several museums and cultural venues across Belgium will pay homage to the talent of the painter Antonio Nunziante. From 1st June, a travelling exhibition, entitled “Antonio Nunziante, the thought of the image and the image of thought” will be presented in Bruges within the Pablo Picasso permanent collection. The exhibition will allow visitors to discover the work of this painter who is an essential figure of metaphysical painting. Like his famous contemporaries, Antonio Nunziante learned lessons from the masters before going on to surpass them. The references can clearly be recognised for this painter who regularly alludes to his admiration for past and modern masters such as Giorgio Di Chirico or René Magritte…


In this exhibition, the paintings chosen illustrate the different aspects of Antonio Nunziante’s works, which will be on display alongside those of René Magritte, Paul Delvaux or Salvador Dalí. One can only acknowledge the extraordinary force of Antonio Nunziante’s works. The painter proposes a new and remarkably modern conception of the artwork in all its guises. In the works of Antonio Nunziante, its poetics make mystery visible and propose a new vision of the world in which the spectator finds him or herself in isolation to “hear the silence of the world”…

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